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Welcome to Open Mind Healing, one of the many businesses inside Green Mountain Wellness Center. Open Mind Healing (OMH) is exactly that, a safe place to have an open mind on how we can work together. OMH is a safe place for women, men, and children that facilitates transformation in others by helping to create a healthy mind to compliment the many services offered.

Just as we need to take care of our physical bodies, our mental and emotional health has to be in tune with our bodies, too. With our physical bodies, we manage how they look and feel by means of exercise, managing our diets by being aware of what we are putting into them ensuring it agrees with our stomach and skin. We also take preventative measures of further damage by working with a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor when we are hurt or recovering from any type of injury or accident. Selfcare is just as important by way of massages, facials, skincare and knowing what is not only going in your body, though also what products you use to protect it whether it be make-up, lotions, sun-screen, etc.

By implication alone, it would seem as though all of the aforementioned measures would be enough for total body wellness. However, we have another key element to manage and that is our mental and emotional health, and how our brain reacts to how we are not only treating our body, though how we are thinking about it, too. Physical health works from the inside out, mental health works from top to bottom ensuring a systemic partnership so you are functioning at your best, on all levels.

We often miss, or turn a blind eye to avoid facing the reasons we feel unhappy, unsatisfied, not good enough, or whatever lie you are convincing ourselves. We then create blocks around sensitive areas that need to be broken down. Society alone dictates an unhealthy message on what we think is the correct way to look, talk, dress and even feel. There was not a manual given to us when we started growing up on what is right and what is wrong, we use our surroundings for guidelines. While appreciating the beauty that is in everything, you need to appreciate what is so amazing about YOU. Many of us struggle with insecurities that have a bigger backstory than we are ready to face, so we tune it out.

I work with you to break down the blocks, move the barriers, and face the issues that are causing you to not quite reach that full potential you deserve to function at. When our minds are at ease and we are feeling happy, confident, and secure in our own skin, we can achieve total body wellness. This means smiling at your reflection in a mirror and not focusing on gray hair, or when you are working out feeling grateful for the ability to do so instead of judging your body for not looking a certain way. I help put you at ease by redirecting thoughts to positive reinforcement.

Most of us have emotional baggage that we do not want to face so we push it aside or bury it, however, until we come to terms with it, it will always be a part of who we are, or that nagging inner voice you hear and often, listen to. Many people are unhappy for various reasons; work, relationships, family, self-doubt, illness, and more. When we suffer in one of those, or any areas, it creates a spiral effect that triggers a full-body response. Imagine you just had a great massage, you are so relaxed, you feel so good, you're happy, and then as you are getting dressed you look in the mirror and yourself and have critical thought. You just created a block from letting that massage fully be appreciated. There are many more examples, though I wanted to share a little insight on the many thoughts we have, every single day, that reflect on what we are doing to ourselves, even if unintentionally.

You probably wonder how I help you, or what exactly an Intuitive Healer is. You may be skeptical or as my mother once said, "it sounds like foo foo magic", when I began my journey (she later became my biggest advocate), though rest assured, I am not a witch or a psychic, and I don't have a magic crystal ball. I have education, experience, strong intuition, and a love for helping others be the best they can be. I work with you to first find and define the blocks that are standing in your way, and how to remove them.

Keep in mind, this can take time. Whether it is three sessions or twelve or more, we will get there. I work with couples, too, and am a biased party. I work with children, teens, and adults. I look forward to working with you!


  • BS - Holistic Health
  • MS - Holistic Health/Integrative Medicine
  • PhD/Doctorate - Holistic Health/Integrative Medicine


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