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Hi! I'm excited to bring Low Energy Neurofeedback to Green Mountain Wellness Center! First, a little about me... I moved to Colorado in 1997 to attend the University of Denver, where I earned my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and went on to be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I started my private practice, Crossroads Counseling Services, in 2005. I live in the Green Mountain area with my family, including our furry family members and one reptile too!

I found my passion in low energy neurofeedback after experiencing its life-altering benefits for myself! After receiving three sessions, I no longer had stomach issues related to anxiety! I was shocked!! As I continued with the neurofeedback, my anxiety reduced by at least 85%, and I was able to listen and BELIEVE my inner voice! I went from thinking my anxiety was "normal" to feeling calmer, thinking clearer, sleeping better, and feeling more confident! These changes were so evident that my teenager, who struggled with anxiety also, asked to "go get what I was getting." This resulted in, you guessed it, amazing changes!! The struggle to engage socially dramatically changed for the better, with a great boost in self-esteem and confidence! After these remarkable improvements, I simply had to change the direction of my private practice and invest in Low Energy Neurofeedback in Lakewood CO! I can't wait to help you be the BEST you!!

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What is Low Energy Neurofeedback in Lakewood CO?

Low-energy neurofeedback is a safe, effective, non-invasive, pain-free treatment for adults and children. It’s easy too... you simply need to be present! Due to trauma, injury, stress, sickness, or environmental factors, the brain can become unbalanced and fixed in patterns that produce brain-related disorders. Low-energy neurofeedback targets the central nervous system and utilizes real time brain waves to provide feedback to help your brain learns how to rewire itself. It’s like a workout for your brain! This allows your brain to heal itself and reach optimal brain function. Low energy neurofeedback helps alleviate symptoms, improve functioning, and restore neurological and physiological potential. This means you can reach YOUR optimal self, improving YOUR quality of life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Low Energy Neurofeedback help with?

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Anger and Rage
  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  • Aspects of Autism Spectrum
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cognitive Deficits
  • Concussive Symptoms
  • Depression
  • Impulse Control
  • Migraine Headaches
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Peak Performance: Executively, Academically and Athletically
  • Sleep Issues / Insomnia
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

What to expect?

Small sensors are placed on your head and neck to monitor brainwave activity. Signals are sent to the computer program and EEG processor. The program returns a low energy signal back to your brain that mirrors your own brain waves. This produces a fluctuation in your brainwaves, which allows a gentle, effortless release of fixed, frozen patterns. A new neural pathway is created, increasing neuroplasticity and promoting self-regulation. Self-regulation is essential for the optimal health of your brain and nervous system.

What makes Low Energy Neurofeedback unique?

Unlike traditional neurofeedback which requires your participation, low energy neurofeedback allows you to simply relax while being treated. A brief signal transmitted to the brain does all the work!

Who can be treated with Low Energy Neurofeedback?

Anyone interested in change! There is no medical condition, age, medication, allergy, etc., that would restrict one from safely receiving low energy neurofeedback.

How long does each session take?

Plan an hour for your initial intake. Your follow-up sessions will take about 25-35 minutes.

Does Low Energy Neurofeedback interfere with medications?

No! After successful treatment, prescription medications may be reduced or discontinued with your physician's approval.

Is this treatment for me?

Yes! This is for anyone trying to reach their peak performance! Schedule a FREE consultation to learn how low energy neurofeedback can help you!


"Referring to her anxiety, a 14-year-old said, "Thanks to neurofeedback, my shoulders are no longer in my ears!"

"Within a handful of neurofeedback sessions, the results were already evident. My daughter's anxiety/depression was subsiding and her headaches/nausea/insomnia arrested. By session 12, she was completely symptom free and had returned to her happy-go-lucky self."

"After neurofeedback, I felt like I took an Adderall but with only the positive side effects. Today, I have HOURS and HOURS of mindless admin and billing work. It's usually so painful and I'm so distracted, but now it's so much easier to focus."

"I have struggled with depression since I was a teen. I've done talk therapy for years and EMDR. Those interventions only helped so much. When I was overwhelmed, I would have thoughts of suicide. After neurofeedback, the suicidal thoughts are completely gone and I don't get as overwhelmed anymore. THIS IS FANTASTIC!

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