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Chiropractic Lakewood CO Alysha Schuring PT


Alysha Schuring, D.P.T.

Alysha Schuring is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Certified Athletic Trainer. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science Athletic Training at Central College in Pella, Iowa and her doctorate degree at The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.

Alysha was a three-sport athlete throughout high school and continued to play competitive softball throughout her collegiate career. She is an avid runner and enjoys being active and spending time with her husband and family.

Chiropractor Lakewood CO Vance Schuring



Dr. Vance Schuring is a Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. He is additionally certified as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, certified in Full Body Active Release Technique, FAKTR, McKenzie Disc Protocol, Dry-Needling, Graston, and is certified to perform Sports Physicals.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science-Health Promotion at Central College in Pella, IA, and his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. As a three-sport athlete in high school and an All-American running back in college, Dr. Vance understands the challenges athletes face. He loves to golf, spend time outdoors with his wife, Alysha, and their son, Ryker.

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Chris Curry Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist

Chris Curry, LMT

My name is Chris and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I leave my ego at the door so that I can listen to your needs and respond to what you need and want. I have a passion to make a positive difference and with massage that is possible. A massage is a two way street so I am always open and flexible to your needs. I specialize in Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massages while incorporating a variety of different massage techniques like Swedish, Structural, Myofascial, Neuro-muscular, and Trigger Point massage.

Every session is unique because every person is unique and needs something slightly different, whether it be deep pressure or injury work. Massage has given me purpose, let me share that with you.

Pain is not forever so come in and see if a massage is a good way to manage your health. Chris has worked with thousands of clients who all had different needs starting in 2017 where he graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy. He has also taught Anatomy and Physiology at a Denver massage school and hopes to continue in the future. He lives nearby and loves to get out and hike with his two dogs, Nemo and Rio. One of his favorite places for hiking is nearby Green Mountain right by Denver Sports Medicine.

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Diana Mallayeva Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist

Diana Mallayeva, LMT

Diana Mallayeva has been a licensed massage therapist since 2018. Graduating from Berkana Massage Institute, she continued to further her studies in Deep Tissue Massage,Thai Yoga Massage, Ashiatsu, Cupping, and Myofascial Release in order to provide a structured, integrated approach customized for each client.

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Tina Nutrition

Nutrition Counselor

Tina Atchley

Tina believes that we are meant to live a healthy and joyous life. By helping her clients achieve a strong and centered state of well-being, they are able to focus on fulfilling their own life purpose. Her own journey of self-transformation and overcoming hardships has provided the insight she brings to helping her clients.

Tina understands the power of educating her clients. She considers it a vital tool in empowering her clients to make lasting changes. Tina seeks to provide clarity for her clients and compassionate support as they make changes.

Tina values truth, integrity, freedom, generosity and compassion. These are her guiding principles in working with her clients. An avid reader and truth seeker, she is committed to sharing the most valuable and effective wisdom.

Bringing more than 20 years of study and first-hand experience with various nutritional approaches and healing modalities, Tina helps you identify the root cause of your issue and the best approach to healing. Tina has studied with many individuals in the health and wellness industry and has completed many certification programs. She is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner with a focus in Whole Food Medicine. She utilizes Anthony William, Medical Medium protocols in her nutrition work. She is also a skilled facilitator helping clients implement the Gerson Therapy, which is widely used as an alternative treatment for cancer and chronic disease, based on the work of Dr. Max Gerson.

Tina is highly regarded by her worldwide clients for her advice and guidance on holistic and natural living, parenting, organizing and enhancing a home’s energy.

On a personal note, Tina lives a holistic, nature-driven lifestyle in sunny Colorado with her husband and two daughters. Her interests include reading, running, tennis, biking and warm sunny beaches.

Home Consultant

Tina understands the impact our environment has on our well-being. She considers this a vital aspect of wellness to address when working with her clients.

Helping her clients organize their space, eliminate disturbing energetic frequencies and remove environmental toxins is essential to her holistic approach. Tina addresses everything in your environment— including toxins in your cleaning or personal care products, electromagnetic pollutants, disturbances in the land energy and more—to ensure that you are being fully supported.

Tina is a Certified Feng Shui and Dowsing Consultant, as well as a Professional Organizer. She has studied with world-renowned Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond, Global Transformation Leader and featured speaker in THE SECRET, along with other recognized leaders in the field. Tina holds certifications in various energetic modalities including Feng Shui and Diamond Dowsing. She is a member of various organizations related to her fields of practice. She has a natural instinct for organizing and arranging items, bringing ease and calm to spaces.

Check out her website:

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Rubecca Pilates

Pilates and Yoga Instructor


When I started teaching Yoga and Pilates, the majority of my clients were strong, healthy, active individuals. They were marathoners, Ironmen (and women), soccer players, dancers, cyclists, cross-trainers, weight lifters, and weekend warriors. In their hearts and souls, they lived, breathed, and pulsed movement. 

Their bodies, on the other hand, were flaring up, giving out, leaving them stranded on the road to their goals with fatigue, aching backs, sore shoulders, and trick knees.

No amount of ice or tape could relieve their symptoms.

Pain medication only provided temporary relief. For the majority, surgeries weren’t medically necessary.

In fact, their doctors were prescribing Yoga, Pilates and Stretch.

By working with these otherwise strong and healthy bodies, I learned that without fail, every single one of them needed 4 things: Balance, Core Strength, Proper Form and Rest.

These four things are the proactive solution to the flareups, the burnouts, the fatigue and most of those aches and pains that keep you from enjoying all of the ways your body can move.

How do I know this stuff works?

Like most of you, I came to yoga and Pilates through injury.

My all time greatest hits include:

  • random weird foot pain from an intense dance schedule
  • a dislocated knee from softball
  • a second dislocated knee from a soccer slide tackle gone wrong
  • a chipped tooth and wonky hip from falling down a mountain switchback
  • a broken toe
  • a pulled ab muscle (seriously…and yes, it was weird)
  • a small shoulder tear from an obstacle course half-pipe ascent

….And that’s just the big stuff. Somewhere in between are all of the bumps, bruises, scrapes, limps, aches, pains and sore spots.

The first doctor visit for knee pain included a strong suggestion that I quit running…forever.

Y’all, I live for those long lonely miles in the middle of nowhere. Being told not to run was like a death sentence and I just couldn’t get behind that advice. Instead, I started teaching myself yoga from a library book…and avoiding doctors. (This was before the internet was a thing and yoga studios were still fairly uncommon.)

Fast forward a few years and I’m running down a mountain post freak thunderstorm, covered in blood and nursing a sore hip after sliding down three switchbacks. (10/10 do not recommend) The pain and my limp were so bad, that a friend drug me along to their chiropractic appointment, under the guise of introducing me to their chiropractor and then actually gave me their appointment.

This changed my life, y’all. The chiro became my mentor, my friend and eventually my boss. After fixing up my hip, he introduced me to the idea that exercise can be used as preventative medicine! All of those years of patching together self guided yoga sequences had actually been keeping me running for years.

I drank that exercise-as-preventative-medicine kool-aid and quickly got my 200-Hour Yoga certification and joined my chiro’s team as a Sports Therapist. While working at Spine & Sports Therapy, I also earned certifications in Mat, Standing and Equipment Pilates and Stretch Therapy.

Over the course of about two years, I racked up over 3000 teaching hours, using a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Stretch Therapy to help get athletes back in action.
Over the years, I’ve lost multiple workout buddies and running partners to herniated disks, chronic knee pain or back surgery.

However, since starting Pilates and incorporating Balance, Core Strength, Proper Form and Rest into my own training routines, I’ve learned to swim, racked up 9 half marathons, 2 MS-150’s, 2 sprint triathlons, and countless 5k’s and 10k’s. I also recently took up mountain biking and paddle boarding.

I depend on Pilates to keep me strong, balanced and flexible so I can keep moving!

Certifications and Qualifications

The proper certifications and qualifications (and random side interests) are always important when finding an instructor who fits your needs. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines with a minor in Humanities and was employed as a Sports Therapist for two years with Spine & Sports Therapy down in Houston, Texas. Together, these things mean I geek out about bio-mechanics…a lot.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • Sports Therapist, Spine & Sports Therapy (Houston)
  • 200-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor, The Yoga Institute (Houston)
  • Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT)
  • Certified Mat, Standing and Equipment Pilates Instructor, PhysicalMind (Houston)
  • Certified Level 2 Stretch to Win Stretch Practitioner (Arizona)
  • Certified Life Stretch Instructor (Stretch to Win, Arizona)
  • Reiki Level II (Austin)
  • Pysch-K Basic (Denver)

A few Random and Fun Facts:

On my very first try, I got stuck (seriously stuck) in my first ever yoga pose. Who knew Dwi Pada Sirsasana (Both Legs Behind The Head Pose) was a super-advanced pose?!?

I am a 4th generation Denver Native! And no, I don’t know how to ski.

My first ever 5k was the Northside Stride in North Denver. Since then, I have participated in about 60 races/tris/cycle/obstacle events and even ran a 5k at 38 weeks pregnant.

Moving furniture is an important part of my energetic release cycle. My husband has put the brakes on how often I can rearrange our house, so don’t be surprised if you come in to a newly organized studio at least once a month!

And finally, I’m obsessed with prevention and proactive solutions.
Over the course of ten years as Pilates/Yoga Instructor, I’ve found that the solution to the majority of problems is good old-fashioned prevention. If we can employ a little bit of foresight, a little bit of planning, and a little bit of proactive action, we can solve our problems before they occur.

Check out her website:

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Ronica

Intuitive Healer

Dr. Ronica Kirwin

I work with you to break down the blocks, move the barriers and face the issues that are causing you to not quite reach that full potential you deserve to function at. When our minds are at ease and we are feeling happy, confident and secure in our own skin, we can achieve total body wellness. 

This means smiling at your reflection in a mirror and not focusing on a gray hair, or when you are working out feeling grateful for the ability to do so instead of judging your body for not looking a certain way. I help put you at ease by redirecting thoughts to positive reinforcement.

You probably wonder how I help you, or what exactly an Intuitive Healer is. You may be skeptical or as my mother once said, "it sounds like foo foo magic", when I began my journey (she later became my biggest advocate), though rest assured, I am not a witch, or a psychic, and I don't have a magic crystal ball. I have education, experience, strong intuition, and a love for helping others be the best they can be. I work with you to first find and define the blocks that are standing in your way, and how to remove them.

Keep in mind, this can take time. Whether it is three sessions or twelve or more, we will get there. I work with couples, too, and am a bias party. I work with children, teens and adults. I look forward to working with you!


  • BS - Holistic Health
  • MS - Holistic Health/Integrative Medicine
  • PhD/Doctorate - Holistic Health/Integrative Medicine


  • Best of the Best Lakewood 2019
  • Women to Watch in Business, DBJ
  • Top Women in Business, Colorado Magazine
  • Outstanding Leadership Achievement
  • G.E.M - Genuinely Excellent Moments by People Helping People
Chiropractic Lakewood CO Kevin O'Connor Psychologist

Doctor of Psychology

Kevin O'Connor, Psy.D

Dr. Kevin O'Connor is excited to provide sport and clinical psychology services to the Denver Sports Medicine family. Kevin earned his master's degree is Sport and Performance Psychology and his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver, and he has since focused primarily on his work with athletes, Veterans, and first responders.

He is passionate about helping athletes and individuals develop and enhance their psychological wellbeing to maximize their performance and quality of life!

Kevin is a native of Colorado and a lifelong athlete; he graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia as a four-year middle infield starter for the Eagles' baseball team. Nowadays, you'll likely find Kevin on a golf course or running and hiking with his wife, Hannah and their dog, Bonnie.

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Michael Shell

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist


Dr. Michael Shell, DO is a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist. He received his medical degree from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Dr. Shell specializes in helping patients with disabilities and focuses on rehabilitation, restoration of function and a return to a high quality of life.

Chiropractic Lakewood CO Christopher Frandrup

Pain Medicine Specialist


Dr. Christopher Frandrup, MD is a Pain Medicine Specialist and has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University Of Minnesota Med School Twin Cities Minneapolis Mn medical school. He is Triple Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Addiction.

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer


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